Purchasing a Home

Are you thinking of purchasing a home or do you already have an accepted offer in place?  We will be happy to pre-approve you so that you know precisely how much you qualify to borrow as well as help you lock in a good interest rate before shopping for a home.  If you have an accepted offer in place, we will help you secure a firm approval with the most suitable lender for you (with the most competitive rates and flexible mortgage features).


Refinancing your current mortgage

Are you looking to consolidate other debts, tap into existing equity in your home to do some renovations, or simply want to restructure the terms and conditions of your current mortgage?  We will be happy to sit down with you to explore the most suitable options for you depending on your situation .  Perhaps a Home Equity Line of Credit, a second mortgage, or a brand new mortgage will make most sense.  Let us help you run the numbers and present you with some options.


Renewing current mortgage

Is your mortgage up for renewal and you wish to get the most competitive rate along with the most favourable terms & conditions?  Don't hesitate to call us to compare what your current lender is offering versus what our lending partners can offer.  Should you decide to stay with your current lender though, no problem!  We may be able to even pass along some tips free of charge to help you negotiate the best renewal rate possible directly with your lender!